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Durable Color Powder Coated – Classic Design
Decorative & Hurricane Rated

Colonial shutters are a classic old-world style design, dating back to Europe and the colonies. Colonial shutter started as a simple wood covering on a hinge to protect the glass in windows during storms. This basic concept has been modernized with the modern materials of aluminum. With 3 blade styles to choose from, they can be decorative accents to your building or upgraded to hurricane-rated strength for protection. Regardless of your needs, Colonial are always an excellent choice to help cool and/or protect any home or building. We have 11 basic colors and 9 premium colors to choose from and since Colonial shutter is permanently attached to your home or building and stay mounted year-round, there are no issues regarding storing this style shutter.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial Shutters are also called traditional shutters. They are designed to harmonize with colonial and secular times. Our colonial shutters are constructed of extruded aluminum, making them more strong and rustproof.

They are architecturally designed to give more reliable quality and extra protection. Our best colonial shutters are enough strong to provide homeowner a long lasting security. From all of our hurricane products, the colonial shutters are the best solution to hurricane storm with decorative styles. These are high quality aluminum code approved shutters that are resistant to water and dust, thus resolving rust problems.

How colonial shutters are helpful for your house and business?
Are you worried about the safety of your newly made business or home? You want to get rid of dust and hurricane rain entering your house? Then we have best solution for the safety of your house.

  • Our product of colonial shutters provides best stability for all kinds of windows and doors.
  • They are easy to maintain and easy to operate.
  • Artwork of your home or business can be well protected from rain and hurricane storm.
  • All of our hurricane product are reviewed and approved by building code and regulation.
  • Colonial shutters help to stop dust particles entering into house through window and doors.
  • These colonial shutters not only enhance the market value of your house or business but also increase beauty of your house.
  • Colonial shutters are very easy to open and close. There are no extra efforts required.
  • Our hurricane product shutters are not only easy to operate but they are also designed technically to meet strict storm codes.

Best Colonial Shutters easy to order and install:

Our experienced staff works hard for the interests of our customers. Our hurricane products are very easy to use and easy to order. We facilitate best product service to our customers. If you are looking to buy and install best colonial shutters near you, our online service is best for ordering and installing your shutters right on the outside and inside of the windows and doors. Our team provides very satisfactory installation services for perfect optimization of your window.

Trustworthy company for colonial shutters
Our company is most trustworthy in the industry and has been providing satisfactory services to our customers over many years. Our staff is expert in management of online delivery and installation of shutters. Our product is made of aluminum for both setups of interior or exterior side of windows and doors. We have also best quality wood made beautifully designed colonial shutters. If you hire us to buy colonial shutters you would never regret it because we treat our every customer wit high morals.