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Pool Code Compliance


Aluminum – Chain Link – Vinyl – Wood

Wilmington City and New Hanover County laws have strict guidelines when installing a pool, making sure it is secured properly and within pool code. We will help you navigate through the paperwork, permitting process if necessary and proper installation according to code.

A pool fence helps to secure a pool to prevent unsupervised children from entering. Pool fencing is regulated so that it is high enough to deter children from climbing the fence to keep children safely out. Pool latch systems are installed per code and in a strategic manner to prevent from entering the pool easily. Gator Strong Services will help make sure your pool is secure to give you peace of mind. Ask about solar light powered post caps and the next generation pool latch systems that use audio warning and led lights to confirm when the gate is opened and secured.

Regarding installation, we believe in taking a few extra steps when installing your fence. We always utilize 80 lbs. of concrete in every post hole to maintain aesthetics but more importantly the safety of your fence. Our warehouse custom makes all gates, and latches are installed per code. We guarantee our work and offer a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all material and a 1-year company warranty on all installs with the ability to increase the warranty by allowing us to put a small permanent Gator Strong Services sign on the fence.

Pool Fence & Gates In Wilmington NC
When you seek the best fence & gates for your pool, which is inexpensive, removable, sturdy, and adjustable. For many years, Gator Strong Services has been the first option for a pool fence & gates with our creative and patented design, highly trained installers, and great customer service.

Best Pool Fence & Gates Providers
All Gator Strong Services pool fence & gates are designed for attractiveness and durability. Safety pool fence & gates are detachable and have a clear mesh design that functions as a safe protective covering around your pool. These mesh panels may be resistant to abrasion, mildew, and solar energy, so that it will never shrink, rip, or fade.

The highly-skilled experts of Gator Strong Services have highly trained teams for the installation of the concentrated tension-based fence system for your pool. We may either integrate or create existing buildings such as outside walls into your yard as a stand-alone expansion.

High-Quality Material for Every Option
While various varieties of pool clamps exist, mesh pool clasps are the perfect safety material. Our detachable swimming pool fence & gates are safe and are constructed to prevent kids from climbing over them. This version has no crossbars or slats, making finding foot- or handhelds exceedingly difficult for youngsters.

Advantages Of Having Mesh Pool Fence
Visibility improved

One of the main aspects to consider after protection is the visibility of the swimming pool fence. Removable mesh pool fences are easily removable and can be a substitute and the mesh material can be seen from both sides when in use. Looking around the mesh material looks like translucent plastic and offers uncharged, safe views of the swimming pool and, above all, of your children.

Strong manufacturing

Mesh pool clamps are one of the most powerful and durable pool clamps because the material we use is of the finest quality in the industry and is tear-resistant, as well as sun damage.


The accessibility of this pool enclosure is one of the most appealing characteristics. You pay far less on wood, glass, or chain link clusters than you would. As this cost does not affect the safety of families, mesh pool fence & gates are often a logical choice.

Easy to use design

Whether you select the traditional mesh pool fence & gates or the super mesh design, you will have an easy-to-use experience. Compatibility is one of the key design concepts of Gator Strong Services, which is why we can remove these clasps entirely and conveniently store them until they are ready for re-use.

Pool Fence & Gates Installation
When closing down your pool fence & gates choices, there are several factors to consider. For example, a clasp is commonly located at least 24″ from the water’s edge to ensure that there is sufficient room to enter the clasp. The barrier should never be close to 18 inches from the edge of the water, so that swimmers may get out of the water.

What Gator Strong Services Offers
At Gator Strong Services we propose the idea of designing a fenced road that runs across a solid surface such as paver stones, cement, cement decks, or a flagstone in the mortal which is the finest alternative. The swimming pool fence & gates ought to be tension-based and fixed to a sturdy framework at least 4″ wide for stable and long-lasting installation.

Safety Measures
While Gator Strong Service’s pool clamping solutions are a wonderful method to keep your children from falling into your pool or unattended swimming, they are protected by other means. Instead of fences, our security nets, coverings, and alarms can be utilized, but we advocate utilizing them as a protective option.

All In The Wrap
Safety for cost should never be compromised. Whatever pool fence & gates are most suited to your needs, your local Gator Strong Services distributor can assist you in planning and installing the perfect backyard addition.

Do not hesitate, keep your family safe by contacting a free consultation and quote from a local Gator Strong Services dealer now.