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Wood fence is one of the most versatile materials we utilize to customize your fence. A wood fence installation can vary from build to build. Here are the most common aspects to consider: wood alignment, gates, style, color, height, and even the type of wood post, steel pole or aluminum frame to be used. We can get highly creative with wood fence builds. If you can imagine it we can design and build it! Please look at the link to see the many options customers have with wood and let your imagination fly.

Regarding installation, we believe in taking a few extra steps when installing your fence. We always utilize 80lbs of concrete in every post hole to maintain aesthetics but more importantly the lifetime of your fence. Our warehouse custom makes all gates, and we can stain or paint your wood fence any color you desire. *Wood fence is not warrantied.

When contacting our office to set up an estimate discuss the style of wood fence system you think you may be interested in or provide them with an image to get the concepts started.

Live in an HOA and must stick to guidelines, we can help with that process as well. We will help you navigate through the paperwork, permitting process if necessary and proper installation according to code.


  • Shadow Box
  • Board to Board
  • Plank on Plank
  • Post & Rails
  • Pickets
  • Custom Builds

Post Options

  • Wood
  • Steel Poles
  • Aluminum Framing




  • Stained
  • Painted
  • Natural


  • 4′ wide
  • 5′ wide
  • 6′ wide – Ideal for riding lawn mowers
  • 8′-12′ double wide
  • Latch types

Wood Fence & Gates
There’s nothing as classic as a fence of wood. The choice of a wooden fence provides inexpensive maintenance of natural quality, safety, and strength. By picking the appropriate wood fence & gates system, our firm assisted several of our consumers.

Giving The Best Protection To Your House
Consider a wood fence if you’re seeking safety and protection. Fencing wood is a classic appearance. A wooden privacy fence gives you the feeling of safety you seek. They are also provided in a picket design, giving a lovely appearance to your yard. Wood fence & gates may prevent and rein in the sense of style, pets, and youngsters. Take advantage of the comfort and elegance of a wood fence & gates system with gator-strong.

Installing Wood Fence & Gates
Gator-strong offers installation services for wooden fencing in NC and SC for years. Regardless of your fencing or door requirements, our wood fence business has professional workers to work correctly.

When compared with steel or other element gates, it might be cheaper to install timber fences and gates. Wood fence & gates give a minimum of upkeep strength, natural quality, and seclusion. It also helps to keep unauthorized individuals away. However, if not properly maintained, the wood fence construction might eventually deteriorate early.

High-Quality Materials
You must start with high-quality materials to maintain your wooden fence & gates as long as feasible. All wooden fences and gates are subject to the climate and other factors, gradually deteriorating and influencing the appearance of the fence and its aesthetic appeal. The corrosion of the fence has a significant effect on its lifetime. It will endure a long time if you take minimum efforts to keep your fence in condition.

Offering you The Best Wooden Fences & Gates
Over the years, we have served the best wood fences in the NC and neighboring locations as the top timber fence firm. We handle every sort of wood fence fitting for commercial and residential customers. We construct bespoke wood fence & gates to ensure that the fence does not degrade. Here, with our skilled personnel, you will obtain high-quality material for your wood fence & gates. Contact Gator-strong to acquire your yard’s excellent fence.

Why Choose Gator-Strong for Wood Fence & Gates Installation?
The installation of Wood Fence & Gates is an important step for the safety of your property. In general, many homeowners are the first to choose from. There are so many reasons why the wooden fences and gates are easy to build and offer an attractive appearance that lasts many years, in a variety of designs.

It is vital to choose the correct fence contractor. The contractor must propose the choice of the highest grade of the fence material for your yard’s safety. The years of experience they have is another significant consideration for the choice of a timber contractor. Gator-strong is the best wood closed firm that provides gorgeous wood closed supplies, cheap and natural.

Best Choice For You
Setting up wood fence & gates contributes to ensuring that any property has the necessary security and privacy. They also make your property seem better. They play an important function. If you are searching for the perfect clamp for your backyard or property, you can also choose Gator-strong, the top wood clamping firm that meets your needs and offers you time-consuming wood clamping services.